Virtual Winter Presentation Night 2021

Project Presentations

Diesel Trucks – Earl L.

R.M.S. Titanic – Harley H.

Pandemics & Epidemics – Jasper B.

How Computer Screens Affect Our Eyes – Landon L.

Photography – Mason M.

Project Showcases

Women's Suffrage – Abigail D.

(The Gold Rush) Mini-Project: Westward Expansion

The Gold Rush – Aubrey D.

Apollo 11 – Declan L.

An Armored History – Edan P.

State Government – Eyon M.

Hacking – Gideon S.


Art – Jaden D.

Tanks – Jarrett F.

D.A.R.E. – Jay S.

Gender Equality in NASA – Jillian N.

The Civil War – Josh L.

M-theory – Kenneth B.

Frogs – Kendall H.

How Music Affects Personality – Kyrie B.

The Oregon Trail – Madalynn V.

Ireland – Nic J.

For More: The Great Famine

Mix Mix Boom – Noah P.

Childhood Mental Illness – Paris P.

Art for Noobs – Persaus F.

Informative Genre Piece

Banned Books – Sam V.

Australia – Syd R.