Environmental Learning

  • Environmental education credit requirements

  • Weekly field experiences supported by the Wisconsin Green Schools Network

  • Weekly advisory discussions on environmental issues

  • Regular phenology observations

  • Community service projects

  • Active participation in the Green & Healthy Schools program

Project-Based Learning

  • Students choose topics to investigate while developing 21st Century Skills

  • Projects are aligned to state academic standards

  • Project tracking and accountability through Headrush online learning platform

  • Self-paced, independent learning with one-to-one computing

As Well As

  • Daily sustained silent reading

  • Self-paced, online math curriculum through ALEKS platform

  • Foreign language learning through distance learning programs

  • Access to classes and co-curricular activities at Montello Middle / High School

2021-22 School Improvement Plan

2021-22 High Marq School Improvement Plan